Renovations began on the Centennial Fine Arts Center in 2019.
Updated progress reports will be added as more work is completed.

The White Pine Community Choir Association (WPCCA) is committed to restoring and renovating the Centennial Fine Arts Center so that it can once again serve the residents of White Pine County as a meeting and gathering place, as well as a place to showcase all the fine arts (performance, musical, visual, studio). This is a huge undertaking, but the support that this lovely and historically significant building has received from so many during this process is exciting and motivating. The Community Choir members are delighted that work to preserve the building is progressing so well and that support has been so widespread and enthusiastic.

November 2023 Update
The White Pine Community Choir Association has been delighted to watch the progress unfolding on the roof of the Centennial Fine Arts Center this fall (October/November, 2023).  Below are some photos detailing the work, first as the top layer of asbestos-containing shingles was removed by specialists  and then as the regular roofing crew removed the bottom two roof layers, installed the sheathing, and then got to work on the new shingled roof.   The final step will be the installation of the cornice pieces, which have specially milled and painted to meet exacting historical standards.

The WPCCA has been fortunate during this project to partner with skilled experts.

Encompass Studios in Las Vegas drafted the plans for this project, with careful attention to details such as color, shingle composition, and cornice design.  Nevada’s State Historic Preservation Department provided technical assistance and approved these plans so that the project could move forward. while maintaining the historic integrity of the building

Nevada Department of Environmental Protection provided the funding necessary to remove the top layer of asbestos-containing shingles using a crew that was certified in handling these materials.  NDEP insured that required safety standards were met during this part of the project.

Fong Construction Company received the bid for the rest of the roofing project.  Mindful of the approach of winter, Fong had its team in place and at work by the middle of October.  Fong’s roofing team removed the bottom two layers of old roofing material, then began to install the necessary sheathing, and finally got the bundles of shingles up on the roof and began to install them.

As of today (November 9, 2023), the cornices are being painted and will be delivered to the construction site as soon as the shingle work is completed.

This roof project has been years in the making, and would not be happening today without the invaluable assistance of BEC Environmental LLC.  BEC has ‘held our hand’ throughout this entire process, beginning in 2019 by providing a complete testing of the materials at the CFAC to determine if asbestos or lead was present, then continuing to provide guidance and support as we sought bids and funding for roof design, asbestos abatement, and roof construction. 

The roof project has received roof funding from NDEP, Brownfields/EPA, White Pine County Commissioners,  City of Ely,  White Pine Tourism and Recreation Board, KGHM Mining, Calibre Mining, E.L.Cord Foundation, William Hohlt, and the Ely Rotary Club.