The White Pine Community Choir Association was established in 1962.

The Choir was founded in 1962 by Father Charles L. Poole, St. Bartholomew Episcopal Church. Charter members were Lois Blackham, Marge Ferrari, Thomas Bath, Dale Miller, Rosalie Miller, Ethel Tanner, Father Poole, Bill Knuckles, Nelly Finch, Wilma Willis, Blanche Zadow, Mary Ellett, and Minnis Alderman (Director).

From 1979 to 2017, the Choir performed three to four concerts a year. Its repertoire expanded to several major works and numerous compositions of sacred, secular, and patriotic nature. In addition to its regular concerts, the Choir was invited for special performances including: railfairs, several state conventions of various organizations, U.S. Centennial Field Mass, radiothons, singspirations, special church services and funerals, and Elder Hostel classes. The Choir was also invited to sing in Carnegie Hall, on European tours, and at the first National Choir Festival in Branson, Missouri, in 1998-1999.

After about ten years of performances in the Episcopal and Methodist churches, the Choir outgrew the churches both for audiences and members. The Choir performed in the Elks Hall for one season and then performed in the Bristlecone Convention Center until the mid-80s.

Now its home is the Centennial Fine Arts Center (CFAC). After decades of focusing on singing and presenting concerts for the community, the Choir regrouped in 2018 with the purpose of preserving the CFAC. The nearly century-old building was showing its age with a leaking roof and crumbling masonry. With substantial interest from the community in restoring and renovating the building so it could serve White Pine citizens once again as a gathering place, the Choir has been leading these efforts ever since.